3 Ways The Family Lawyers In Campbelltown Can Help You


3 Ways The Family Lawyers In Campbelltown Can Help You

It is well known that legal disputes that eventuate from the breakdown of a marital relationship (child custody, property settlement etc.) are very emotionally difficult for nearly all involved parties and is known to have a traumatic effect on children caught in the crossfire. If you live in southwest Sydney and are dealing with these kinds of issues, then it would be prudent for you to engage one of the many talented and experienced family lawyers in Campbelltown.

However, if you are low on cash, or have never used any kind of legal consultancy service before, then it’s understandable that you might be sceptical of how this kind of professional will be able to assist you. The following will examine some of the ways that family lawyers in Campbelltown are able to help you with your separation and any issues that follow-on from it.


1.   Helping you through the divorce process

One of the most important ways that family lawyers in Campbelltown are able to help you is when they assist with reading and filling out important documentation that is required to complete the divorce process. This can also include serving divorce papers to your ex’s solicitor so that you don’t actually have to give them the news personally if you are afraid to do so.

The divorce process can be very messy in terms of paperwork and if you are still living with your ex but are no longer in a relationship then there are some extra steps you will need to take to prove that your relationship is no longer salvageable. In Australia, divorce is seen as a last resort measure, as it is much more preferable for families to stay together, especially when there are children present.


2.   Facilitating and representing you in negotiations

Lawyer and client while in a meeting.

Another thing that family lawyers in Campbelltown are able to assist you with is going into negotiations with your ex and their legal representative. The aim of these talks will be to find a compromise between both parties that you can walk away happy from and without wanting to bring up any more issues.

The most common issues settled here are child custody and the division of financial assets. Despite what popular culture might suggest, most divorces are settled outside of court via this kind of negotiation process.

If the issue is hotly contested and prior negotiations have failed, then family lawyers in Campbelltown can also recommend professional mediation services. These services are a more advanced form of negotiation that is far more likely to be effective and finding a mutually agreeable path forward.


3.   Representing you in court

If the unfortunate need to battle in court becomes a reality, then family lawyers in Campbelltown are going to be able to represent your interests in the courtroom and make arguments on your behalf. Their goal will be to convince the judge that your side of the argument is correct and that they should rule in your favour on issues like child custody and the division of marital assets.

Court proceedings are very costly, time consuming, and stressful for pretty much everyone involved – so the family law system seeks to avoid them any way they can. This is why family lawyers in Campbelltown are encouraged to help disputing parties negotiate instead of choose to litigate in court.



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