How Do Small Businesses Impact The Economy?

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How Do Small Businesses Impact The Economy?

 The confidence of small businesses is incredibly high according to a survey which had the voices and opinions of more than 5000 people who owned or had some sort of experiences with small businesses. Even with a competitive market and even the trade war, most of the responding people add more and more employees year after year. This data is even supported by the United States Bureau of Labor, which indicates the employment-population ratio in the month of July. The service industries which include the professional, technical, and scientific industries account for more than 8.6 million of small businesses. Small businesses actually create more than 2 million jobs every year, and this number only keeps increasing each year.

Now we can talk about the importance of small businesses to local communities. They are emotionally rooted when it comes to buying and even selling of products within small sections of the market. Small businesses are really important in rural areas because, without them, it would be impossible for the people who are living there to carry out normal lives. If you take, for example, one person who lives in a small community makes sure that their life goes on without small convenience stores and other shops that the people need to make sure that they have all necessary things that they need to carry out simple things. These simple things, how would one wash their clothes without detergent or how one would buy vegetables without a farmers market or a tiny store?


Small stores also make sure that people have a job. They create so many jobs for people who do not have jobs. This is one of the ways they contribute to the economy, by bringing in growth and even innovation to the community with which new businesses are established. Small stores also help in stimulating growth of the economy by giving so many people jobs like mentioned before. These people may not have much of a chance in the corporate world, but they have one here, so they are making the best of it and making it happen.

Larger businesses have also known to profit from small stores if they are in the same community because in so many cases, larger stores depend on smaller stores for the completion of some business parts and it is also a very known fact that small corporations often provide the raw materials which are required to produce much more complex products. For example, a small corporation could provide Apple.Inc the metal it needs for their phones and so many other products, Apple.Inc being the multi-billion dollar corporation. This is how small businesses indirectly and even directly affect the economy.

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